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Chairman's Report


The MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas continues to prosper and grow with membership doubling this last year and with new sponsors MRE Consulting (Foundation Sponsor), Comcast Business (Diamond Sponsor), and Wells Fargo Advisors (Platinum Sponsor) joining us in the first half of this year.  MRE is our first Foundation Sponsor which is our highest level sponsorship.  If your company's name is not in our annual sponsorship list, you should seriously consider becoming a sponsor.

 It has been active the first half of 2014 and we are looking forward to an exciting second half.  In the first half we had four fantastic Flagship Programs ("2014 Business Forecast Luncheon", "BIG DATA", "Regenerative Medicine", and an " Interview with Rod Canion").   We sold out the our first two programs (2014 Business Forecast Luncheon & BIG DATA) which is a first for us.  We also had a first of having our Flagship Program on "Social Entrepreneurship" broadcast on Channel 8 TV on Dec 27, 2013.   You can see the video of all these fantastic programs on our website at     We have great flagship programs coming up:   "The BP Energy Outlook for the World", "Advances in Weather Modeling", the "2015 Business Forecast Lunch", and MIT Professor Sadoway talking about "Energy Storage". Be sure to put these events on your calendar.   

We have had some fabulous companies come through the MITEF New Venture Clinic since the beginning of 2014  ( Immunocept, Checked Twice, A-76 Technologies, Reecycle, Amros, and Mach Interview.  After presenting at the MITEF New Venture Clinic,  A-76 Technologies went on to place second in the Rice Business Plan Competition in April and won $550,000.  Reecycle went on to win the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition regional competition at Cal Tech in May  and then the Grand prize at the national competition in Washington DC in June  which resulted in over $150,000 in prizes.  Both teams said they benefitted from presenting at the MITEF New Venture Clinic. 

Networking socials were a rousing success with over 110 people attending the March networking social with the Houston Angel Network  and over 100 people at the networking social with TiE in June.  Our next networking social will be with the UC Berkeley Alumni Club and the Greater Houston Manufacturing Association on September 10.   Don't miss it. 

Organizing all these activities takes time and money.  We are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help organize and support our events, so if you are interested in becoming part of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas, please contact me  at   Our mission is to have a significant and positive impact on  the Houston Community with inspiring programs and events on technology, entrepreneurship, and economics.

We look forward to seeing you at our programs and networking socials this fall and beyond. 

Best Regards.

Dr. David R. Hansen
Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas

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Sponsor Spotlight

   Stephen Webster, MRE Consulting Chief Technology Officer


At MIT Enterprise Forum, our focus is to feature programs that generate community awareness and highlight professionals as thought leaders within their industries. Do you think we’ve accomplished that?

The MIT Enterprise Forum has definitely generated community awareness for innovative ideas and thought leaders. From the Big Data event to the last event with Rod Canion, it has been a good year to be involved with the Forum.

How has your association with our organization benefited MRE Consulting?

Our association with MITEF has exposed both MRE’s staff to thought leaders in the industry, as well as key decision makers and representatives of other leading firms in Houston.

Having MRE Consulting as a sponsor is an incredible honor to us. What would you say the benefits are to an organization that sponsors our group?

Any organization that is interested in understanding the innovative and groundbreaking work happening in Houston, and supporting those efforts would benefit from sponsoring MITEF.

MITEF is one of the few organizations in Houston where such quality exposure is available.


Our website includes a link to Sponsorship Informationto learn more about becoming a sponsor. 

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Member Spotlight

  Darcee Grice, Darcee Grice Consulting, Principal

How long have you been with MITEF? What have you enjoyed most about the group?

 I’m in my third year as a member. I am such a sponge when it comes to learning new things. I get bored! So I love the flagship events. There’s always something new and interesting about them and I’m always left with the same reaction, thinking, “I didn’t know that! That is so cool!” I enjoy the caliber of featured speakers, and of those in attendance. 

There are wonderful little surprises, like when Rod Canion spoke—it was great that people in the audience were learning something new about someone who’s such a vital representative of this city. We do get a very educated crowd, so you have to keep the bar set pretty high. 


 Can you give us a few reasons why it’s beneficial to join MITEF?

 This organization allows people to network with a pretty well-educated group. And it’s a great blend, consisting of ultra-conservative folks that have slowly built their businesses from the ground up, to businesses in the mid-tier space, to members working in large organizations like BP. Mix in the entrepreneurial risk takers and it makes for some great conversations and networking opportunities.

 And given the range of programs we offer, you won’t see the same people all the time. We sell out every time to an entirely different crowd.

If you were to provide a snapshot of our membership with a wide-angle lens – could you give us an overview?

We’re all over the board, as touched on a little before. We have every age group and education level, from undergrads to PhDs. And our members include everyone from established CEO’s to entrepreneurs looking at their first startup. There are a variety of industries represented: healthcare, energy, aerospace, oil and gas—a wide spectrum.

If there is a common thread, it’s that we have a large representation of members in industries that follow under the typical STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


Our website includes a link to Membership Information to learn more about becoming a member. 

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Schedule of MITEF Events for the Year

We have exciting events and programs scheduled and or in the planning stages.  Be sure and mark your calendars for the below dates:

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Videos of MITEF Flagship Programs


Capturing more of the MITEF Flagship programs on video has been a high priority this last year.  The purpose is to document and share with the Houston Community as many of these inspiring  programs as possible.  This would not be possible without the generous donations of our event sponsors.  

Videos of MITEF Flagship Events are:

  In case you missed the  MITEF Flagship Program  "The Amazing Houston Success Story - Compaq Computer ...... Interview with Rod Canion"  you can now see the video of  Russ Capper interviewing Rod Canion about founding and running Compaq Computer.  The program and video taping were made possible and underwritten by Comcast Business.   


 The MIT Enterprise Forum/Houston Methodist Research Institute Flagship Program on The Future of Regenerative Medicine -- Advances in Research and Commercialization on April 16 was fabulous.    Dr. John Cooke and  Dr. Appel from the Houston Methodist Research Institute assembled a fantastic panel of experts who gave a great overview of Regenerative Medicine.  The panel also addressed a wide variety of challenging questions from the audience.  You can view the video recording of the program  at 

Thank you to the Houston Methodist Research Institute for making this video possible.


  The MIT Enterprise Forum Flagship Program on BIG DATA on February 19, 2014 was sold out.  Below is a link to a video of Anthony Goldbloom's overview of the BIG DATA field and some of the new developments.  The program and video taping were made possible and underwritten by MRE Consulting.




   In case you missed miss the  MITEF Flagship Program  "Visionaries of Social Entrepreneurship" which was broadcast on TV on December 27 at 7:30PM on Channel 8 TV in Houston,   a video of the TV broadcast is posted on our website at .  Thank you to our Foundation Event Sponsor, NRG Energy, for making this TV program possible. 





  Videos of Bob Metcalfe at the MITEF Flagship program at Rice University on April 24, 2013 being interviewed by Russ Capper from the Business Maker’s Radio Show.  Bob was the coinventor of the ethernet and founder of 3COM.  Thanks to the Business Maker's Radio Show for making the videos possible.  

 1) Russ Capper's interview of Bob Metcalfe 
 2) Short take with Bob Metcalfe -- Developing the Ethernet 
 3) Short take with Bob Metcalfe -- The importance of persistence
 4) Short take with Bob Metcalfe -- Steve Jobs
 5) Short take with Bob Metcalfe -- Starting companies


  We taped our Flagship program on  "Shale Gas Fracking" - at Channel 8 TV Studio, Houston, September 19, 2012.  Our panel looked at Shale Gas Fracking from the perspective of the producer, academia, the environment, a service company, and a government regulatory agency.   

 Part 1- Introductions
 Part 2- Mark Boling (Southwestern Energy)
 Part 3- Dan Hill (Texas A&M)
 Part 4- James Marston (Environmental Defense Fund)
 Part 5- Mike Watts (Halliburton)
 Part 6- David Neslin (Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission)
 Part 7- Questions & Answers with the panel and audience

Thank you to the American Gas Association, Oil and Gas Journal, and Ensley Properties for underwriting the program and video.

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