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Workshop: "The Superperforming Entrepreneur"

April 16, 2010
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The Westin Galleria
5060 West Alabama
Houston, TX

What if it were possible to design Superperformance into your company’s DNA, from the beginning? This half-day workshop explores how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can leverage the experiences of the worlds’ most successful companies to set a new venture on a reliable path toward achievable and sustained Superperformance.

You Will Learn:
• The Superperformance Formula
• The 8 Simple Rules of Superperformance
• The underlying optimization science of Superperformance
• How to design Superperformance into any new venture, project, or company
• How to measure for continued presence of the Superperforming “way of being”

Workshop Outline
1. Introduction to Superperformance
2. One Simple Formula, 8 Simple Rules
3. Leadership & Management in the Superperforming Startup
4. DFSP: Design for Superperformance
5. Fractal Self-Reference: Keeping Superperformance

Workshop Instructor: Dave Guerra
Dave is the founder and managing partner of Corpus Optima, a coaching, consulting & education firm. He is the originator and leading exponent on the theory and practice of Superperformance. Dave regularly addresses and consults with executives from some of the world’s leading companies, and conducts seminars and transformation campaigns based on this knowledge for a wide range of organizations.

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Event Contact: Dale Wilkins ([email protected])
Contact Phone: (713) 839-0808