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Vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid

November 09, 2016
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, TX 77002


The Vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid

to Nuclear Bursts in Space, Severe Geomagntic Storms, and Nearby Electromagnetic Weapons


November 9, 2016
Drinks and hors d'oeuvres 5:30PM
Program starts at 6:30PM

Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, TX


Imagine half of the US without Electricity for a long period of time and thus no water, no gasoline, no communications, or no food. This program will review three severe electromagnetic threats that provide a serious challenge to the operation of the U.S. power grid.  These include:  a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack produced by the detonation of a nuclear device in space; intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) produced by a nearby attack using new-technology electromagnetic weapons; and the exposure of the power grid from solar activity producing a severe geomagnetic storm on the Earth.

The presentation will review the electromagnetic characteristics of each threat, a summary of how these electromagnetic fields can create upsets and damage to power grid components and finally how the power grid can be protected from each of these threats, particularly here in Texas. 

Dr. William Radasky, President of Metatech

Bob Hall, Texas State Senator, District 2

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Dr. William A. Radasky, Ph.D., P.E., IEEE Life Fellow


Dr. Radasky is the President and Managing Engineer for Metatech Corporation with offices in Goleta (Santa Barbara County), California and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dr. Radasky began his research career in 1968 as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, performing research that helped to establish the threat level of the high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP).  This was accomplished through the development of one of the first numerical codes to compute the details of the early-time E1 HEMP, and included validation of the computer models through comparisons with nuclear atmospheric test data.  Later in his career he was the program manager for Metatech projects to support the EMP Commission from 2001 until 2008.  During this period Metatech led the research to determine the threat to the U.S. power system from HEMP.  In addition, Dr. Radasky was the liaison with Russian scientists who performed work for the EMP Commission.

Dr. Radasky has been involved in the development of commercial electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in Geneva, Switzerland to protect commercial systems from all types of electromagnetic threats, including those from the high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and high-power electromagnetic weapons, which create intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI).  He served as Chairman of SC 77C, “EMC: High Power Transient Phenomena,” since the subcommittee was established in 1992 until 2016.  He was also the Chairman of the IEC Advisory Committee on EMC (ACEC) for the IEC for 12 years, ending his service in December 2008.  In recent years he has been a member of IEC working groups to establish a new standard dealing with functional safety of electronics due to electromagnetic phenomena.  In October 2004, Dr. Radasky was awarded the Lord Kelvin Medal in Seoul, South Korea by the IEC for exceptional service in the development of international standards.

Dr. Radasky was also the convener of a Cigré working group dealing with the protection of high-voltage power substations from the effects of IEMI (published in November 2014).  He is currently a convenor of a new Cigré working group dealing with the evaluation of geomagnetic field disturbances that can affect high voltage power grids.  In January 2015 he led the effort to publish IEEE Std 1642, dealing with the protection of public accessible computers from the threat of IEMI.

Dr. Radasky is a registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering in the State of California and is a Life Fellow of the IEEE participating in the EMC, Power and Energy and Antennas and Propagation Societies.  He is also a member of the Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu honor societies, and he was selected as an EMP Fellow in 1988.  He has published over 490 company and government reports, conference papers and popular press articles.  He is the holder of two best paper awards in 1973 (NEM) and 1984 (HEART Conference).  He served as the guest editor for the August 2004 IEEE EMC Transactions Special Issue on Intentional EMI (IEMI) and High Power EM (HPEM).  He was also the guest editor for the June 2013 IEEE EMC Transactions Special Issue on High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP). Dr. Radasky serves as the Chairman of TC 5 (High-Power Electromagnetics) for the IEEE EMC Society.


The Honorable Bob Hall, Texas State Senator, District 2


Senator Bob Hall is an electrical engineer whose experience in protecting electrical and electronic equipment against the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) threat began soon after the phenomenon was identified as a threat to the US Minuteman II Strategic Missile System during the cold war in the 1960s.

Senator Hall graduated from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina with a degree in Electrical Engineering and received a Regular Officer Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force. Senator Hall began his active duty service as a Systems Engineer working to develop the Minuteman Missile System during the Cold War at Norton AFB in California. It was during his service at Norton AFB that Captain Hall led a project team of engineers to harden the Minuteman Missile System II from the Soviet Union's high-altitude nuclear based electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) first strike capability, known as the "pin-down" threat. In addition to working to hardening the minuteman missile system, Senator Hall was instrumental in the successful development of the military's airborne and ground based EMP detection devices.

During his first legislative session, Senator Hall designated electric grid security as a top legislative priority and authored the first ever grid security bill in Texas legislative history. The Senator’s initial bill would have required that work begin immediately to harden the Texas grid. However, because of intensive lobbying by the electric power industry against any attempt by the legislature to protect the people of Texas, the bill was reduced to a study which only required the state to conduct a vulnerability assessment on the EMP threat to the electric grid infrastructure in Texas and report its findings. Unfortunately, while the bill successfully passed in the Senate, it did not make it through the House.

In preparation for the 2017 legislative session, Senator Hall and his staff have placed a significant emphasis on education and outreach to further support their EMP protection efforts. The Senator believes that an educated public will mitigate the false narratives from the power companies as the issue of EMP protection is addressed by the members of the Texas Legislature during the next legislative session.

During the interim session, to accomplish his EMP education and outreach objectives, Senator Hall:

·         Hosted the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit in April 2016 to address the Texas electric grid's vulnerability to EMP and readily available protective technologies;

·         Cultivated close working relationships with an extensive network professional groups and organizations, and independent engineering, emergency management, and national security policy experts;

·         Spoke with various grassroots organizations, business groups, and non-profit organizations to discuss the EMP threat and the solutions available for the State of Texas to protect its infrastructure.   

·         Attempted to engage the power companies to educate them and address the concerns they perceive, so as to gain their support to protect the people of Texas.

Senator Hall remains committed to protecting the Texas electric grid from the EMP threat and has made grid security a top policy priority for the 85th legislative session.  

Bob Hall has been a strong proponent for strengthening the Texas Electrical Grid.  He organized the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit.

Video of 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit, Day 1

Video of 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit, Day 2




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