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Chairman's Report

The Mission of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas is to develop inspiring and informative programs on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economics for the Houston Community. Mark your calendars for the below exciting programs coming up this fall that we hope to see everyone attend:

1) October 4  -- The Hyper Velocity Story about developing a new technology for drilling oil wells 3 to 10 times faster and even launching small satellites into a low earth orbit  For more information click here.

2) October 30 -- Shell Game Changers and interactions with Universities

2) November 29 -- Panel discussion with Dr. Eric Thomas from the UT Health discussing improvements in Quality and Safety in Medical Care

3) Jan 8 -- 2018 Business Forecast Luncheon at the Federal Reserve Bank with Federal Reserve Bank VP John Duca and a Senior Economist from BBVA Compass

2016 was an exciting year with programs on: 

1) 2016 Business Forecast Luncheon (sold out)
2) MIT Energy Panel
3) The Mustang Engineering Story with founder Bill Higgs (new attendance record)
4) Houston Legends with author Hank Moore
5) Panel discussion on The Future of Clean Water
6) The Vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid to a Single Nuclear Blast or a Severe Solar Storm

2017 has been just as exciting with:

1) 2017 Business Forecast Luncheon at the Houston Federal Reserve Bank
2) Top Develops and How to Commercialize New Technology with Rice University
3) Innovations in Education with the Baker Iinstitute
4) MIT Alumni Club Program on Climate Issues from and Energy Industry Perspective

Many of our programs have been video taped.  If you missed any of the programs check our website at .  Our top watched video is  MIT Professor Donald Sadoway taking about Developing a Revolutionary Liquid Metal Battery for Storing Electricity on the Grid.  There have been over 32,000 views of this program.   Three of my other favorites programs were:

1) Detecting and Deflecting Asteroids on a Collision Course with Earth with astronauts Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lui.   

2) Creating and Growing Mustang Engineering with Founder Bill Higgs

3) The Amazing Houston Success Story with Rod Canion talking about Compaq Computer

We could not create all these programs without the support of our sponsors and the volunteers in our organization.  If you would like to get involved with the MITEF of Texas or to become a sponsor, please contact me at [email protected].   We hope to see you at our upcoming programs.  Go to our website at for more information.


Dr. David R. Hansen
Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas in Houston

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