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The MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas (Houston) was formed in 1984. We are one of 21 worldwide chapters associated with MIT and MIT Technology Review Magazine. Our members are leaders in their industries who dedicate their time and talent to support the Houston community with world-class Flagship Programs, to support Entrepreneurs, and to create great networking opportunities. In particular, we offer 7 Flagship Programs, 7 New Venture Clinics, and 3 Networking Socials per year.



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Video and slides from 2021 Virtual ECONOMIC



Feb 3 , 2021- 398 people signed up for the virtual Economic Business Forecast Program which was a record.  Bob Charlet (Publisher of the Houston Business Journal), John Duca (VP from the Federal Reserve and Professor at Oberlin College), and Boyd Nash-Stacey (Senior Economist from BBVA Compass) discussed what happened in 2020 and what we can expect for 2021 and beyond.  To see the video of the program, go to


The slides used in the presentation are below:

John Duca Slides-2021-02

Boyd Nash-Stacey-Slides-2021-02



Innovation in Education



April 26, 2017- Baker Institute/MITEF of Texas/Texas A&M Program on Innovations in Education at the Baker Institute at Rice University.  Speakers are:
George Abbey (Senior Fellow in Sapce Policy at the Baker Institute)
Dr. Neal Lane (Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy at the Baker Institute)
Dr. Heather Domjan (Interim Executive Director, STEM Center, Univ of Houston)
Dr. Bonnie Dunbar (former astronaut, Director  of the Insitute ofr Eng. Education and Innovation at Texas A&M)
The Honorable Ruben Hinojosa (Former US Representative, 15th Congressional District)
Sir James McDonald (Vice Chancellor, University of Strathclyde)
The Honoarble Rod Paige (Interim President, Jackson State Univerisity and former US Secretary of Education)
Dr. Richard Tapia (Professor and Director of the Richard Tapia Center for Excellence and Equity,, Rice University) 

Video of Innovations in Education Program 


GRID to a high altitude nuclear blast
or a severe solar storm


November 9, 2016 - Videos of the lecture "Vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid to a Single High Altitude Nuclear Blasst (HEMP) or to a Severe Solar Storm" with Dr. William Radasky and Texas State Senator Bob Hall:

1) Lecture by Dr. William Radasky -- Technology of Electromagnetic Threats 
2) Lecture by Texas Senator Bob Hall -- Threat to Texas and the US
3) Introduction to Program on the Vulnerability of the Electrical Grid


The Future of Clean water


October 19, 2016 - Videos of Michael Bloom (Sustainability Practice Manager at RG Miller Engineering), Jonathan Pressdee (VP AECOM), Amanda Brock (CEO and Founder of Water Standard), Bill King (Former Mayor of Kemah), Michael Wong (Professor & Chairman of the Rice University Department of Chemical Engineering) discussing various aspects of the Future of Clean Water:

1) Introduction to Program on the Future of Clean Water 
2) Lecture by Jonathan Pressdee -- Sustainable Water for a Thirsty World 
3) Lecture by Amanda Brock -- Water: Balancing Competing Interests for a Limited Resource 
4) Lecture by Bill King -- Water Problems in the Houston Area
5) Lecture by Michael Wong -- Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment 
6) Panel Discussion on the Future of Clean Water, Moderated by Michael Bloom
7) Questions and Answers with the Audience 





Feb 9, 2016 - Mustang Engineering was created during the oil down turn in 1987 and grew to become a billion dollar company and the preminent deep water engineering firm in the world.  Bill Higgs describes their unique employee and customer oriented hard driving company culture was one of the keys to their success. 

1) Introduction  to the Mustang Story Program 
2) Creating and Growing Mustang Engineering with cofounder Bill Higgs   
3) Questions and Answers with Bill Higgs and the Audience









October 21, 2015 - Videos on the lecture "Detecting and Deflecting Asteroids on a Collision Course with Earth" with former Astronauts Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lu are available here:

1) Lecture by Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lu
2) Questions and answers with the Audience